Terms of usage for consumer


Ringo – Ringo Eco OÜ, providing circulation service of reusable packages to consumers and points of sales.

Package – Ringo’s reusable food or drink package given for usage to consumers by points of sale.

Consumer – Client who has purchased food or drinks inside Package from points of sale.

Point of sale (POS) – Company who is selling food or drink inside Package to Consumers.

Return box – A box where Consumers can return Packages after use. Locations of the Boxes can be found on Ringo website.

Deposit – Money paid by Consumer at the point of sales for each Package. Deposit is paid back to Consumer by Ringo after the Package arrives at Ringo’s washing centre.

First deposit will be paid instantly. When returning more packages, we are waiting for the packages to reach the Ringo washing centre. This can take approximately 2-10 working days.

Packages terms of usage

Consumer has a right to use each Package once for consuming food or drink. Consumer is not allowed to buy food or drink into used Package second time.

To secure Package and food hygiene and sustainability of circulation service the Consumer must return Package to Return Box after each use not later than during 30 calendar days.

Before returning the Package to Return Box the user must scan QR code located on the Package and insert own data into Ringo’s website to identify yourself.

In case the Consumer returns the Package to Return Box within 14 days, Ringo will return the Deposit to the Consumer in full amount.

If the Consumer returns the Package to the Return Box later than 14 days, Ringo will return 50% of the Deposit.

Consumer can be declined deposit pay-out or Ringo service if they register packages in purpose of earning money or double scanning the package in bad faith when deposit does not rightfully belong to them.

Ownership of Packages

Ownership of Packages is and remains Ringo’s. Acquisition of Packages, including acquisition in good faith, by the Consumer is not possible.

The Consumer has no right to sell the Packages nor encumber with rights of third parties.

Deposit payment by the Consumer does not lead to change of ownership of the Package to the Consumer.

In case of finding lost Package, the Packages are subject to returning to Ringo’s Return Box and Ringo will return the Deposit of found Package to the Consumer according to current terms of usage.