VIDEO: Tallinn European Green Capital 2023

Tallinn received the European Green Capital Award from the European Commission in autumn 2021. The city’s well thought out vision and strategic goals to become greener and more sustainable were mentioned specifically – this is exactly how the Green Capital should be an example to other European cities, but also to cities around the world.

Tallinn received the award specifically thanks to the Tallinn 2035 Strategy adopted in 2020 and the Tallinn Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2030, which both offer a strong vision for the future and a clear will to carry out the green transition and further involve citizens in city governance.

In the Green Capital year, Tallinn’s main themes will be biodiversityinnovationclimate and sustainable governance. The aim is to involve local communities in city development, find opportunities to support green innovation, develop environmentally friendly modes of travel, such as cycle lanes and public transport, and instil circular economy. The aim is also to help citizens better understand the importance of environmental protection.

There will be interesting environment-themed activities for all residents of Tallinn, including over 60 events, as part of the green capital programme.

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Tallinn European Green Capital 2023 video
Source: ERR