Ringo Eco raised 500,000 euros for developing a recycling system for ready-to-eat food packaging

An Estonian environmental company Ringo Eco, which develops a recycling system for ready-to-eat food packaging, has attracted 500,000 euros from leading private and venture investors in order to launch an Estonian-wide platform for the return of ready-to-eat food packaging this year. Starting this week, the service will be available for restaurants, office buildings, apartment buildings and private homes in Tallinn and Tartu.

Co-founder of Ringo Eco Janek Balõnski explained that the goal of Ringo system is to make the reuse of ready-to-eat food packaging widely available. “We are the first to launch a nationwide packaging return system that in time will reach retail chains, gas stations, restaurants, offices and homes. In recent years, Estonia has tried to implement several similar systems for the return of ready-to-eat food packaging, but these are targeted at smaller areas and are rather uncomfortable for customers. Ringo food packaging reuse system is planned to be expanded to the scale of the current deposit-subjected packaging system – only instead of empty bottles, it will deal with washable packaging for ready-to-eat food,” Balõnski explained.