Estonia’s biggest women’s health and sport event stops generating single-use packaging waste

Estonia’s biggest women’s health and sport event Maijooks will bring more than ten thousand people to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. According to the main organiser Mati Lilliallik, the event, which has been taking place since 1988, has played a very important role in shaping trends in physical activity among women.

Similarly, the organisers are increasingly taking up the challenge of running sporting events with the smallest possible environmental footprint. “Ringo’s reusable drinking cups and food containers are a good solution to this, as a way of avoiding a garbage pile of thousands of disposable containers at one big event. It would be very foolish to throw away disposable packaging at drinking and catering outlets,” added Lilliallik.

Reusable drinking cups will be used both at the Maijooks’ drinking point and at the health fair on the Festival Grounds. As this is a pilot project, there will be no charge for drinks and food. All drinking and food utensils (including knives and forks) must be placed in the yellow Ringo collection boxes after use. At the drinking point, used drinking straws must be thrown into the collection box or the collection net set up next to the track. Avoid littering with Ringo utensils.

“If the runners embrace the new packaging solution and the tops remain intact at the drinking point, we will certainly consider ways of using only reusable packaging for all the other events we organise,” added the chief organiser.